Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Listology's Netflix Tracker Data available

Jim at Listology.com is a really nice guy. He sent me the following announcement while I was on vacation:

"Hi folks,

The Netflix Tracker now has about 2,500 complete (shipping and
center recorded, along with the Netflix ship/return dates, and the user
receive/return dates) rentals recorded. This data is now available for
download if you'd like to do your own analysis. Go here:


... and click on the RAW DATA arrow.

I'm particularly curious to see if this report of mine is wrong:

http://www.listology.com/netflix_tracker_reports.cfm?report=turnaround_by_throughputNetflix admits that they give lighter users priority over heavier ones
when the two are competing for a title, or for a spot on the day's
outgoing truck, so I'm surprised that isn't more evident in the data.
It's entirely possible I botched the report though.


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