Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Greasemonkey Netflix Queue Shuffle

From Clint's blog:

Netflix lets you reorder your movies, but it's a HUGE pain to shuffle them around because you have to do it by hand (remember, I have 50 movies in my queue).

Enter Grease Monkey. The Firefox plugin that lets you write user scripts. I wrote a Grease Monkey script to add a "Shuffle Queue" button to your Netflix Queue.

The script is fairly fragile -- If Netflix decides to change their markup it will probably break. But, it's working well now. Anyways, it's right here if you want it. Just select "Install User Script" from your Tool menu after you install Grease Monkey. Then, head over to your Netflix Queue to check it out.

Feel free to email [Clint] if there are any problems.

Update: It seems that sometimes Netflix responds
'TIP: You don't need to update the priority of every item in your Queue when you want to change the priority of only a few items. Simply change the priority of as many movies as you want and then click the Update Your Queue button — the site will make all the necessary changes.'
after the Queue is shuffled. The Queue is still randomized though. I think it's just a Tip that occasionally displays when a user reorders ALL of their Queue items.

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