Tuesday, April 26, 2005

IBM Names Jeskell IT Solution for Netflix ''Best-in-Class'' Worldwide

When it comes to delivering state-of-the-art solutions, Jeskell focuses on one strategy: the company uses IBM products exclusively to provide services to US businesses, educational institutions and government organizations. To help Netflix (an online movie-rental-service based in California) upgrade its system to achieve its goal of doubling its customer base by the end of 2005, Jeskell implemented an on demand solution that replaced Sun and EMC hardware with IBM eServer pSeries 630 and 650 systems, IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server and IBM fastT Storage. The solution has provided unparalleled availability and performance, minimizing disruption to customers while preparing Netflix to handle rapid year-over-year growth, be more responsive to competitive challenges, and support seasonal and dynamic peak loads on its Web site. Judges named Jeskell the 2005 winner for best IBM pSeries on demand Solution because of its clearly demonstrated commitment to succeeding with IBM, its excellent client ratings, and its demonstrated accomplishments at Netflix. According to the judges, Jeskell is a partner that is doing all the right things.

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