Tuesday, August 24, 2004

48 Hour Film Project

This past weekend, I attended a showing of the ten best films of the Greensboro, NC 48 Hour Film Project. It was hosted by a local independent theatre, the Carousel Luxury Cinema. I enjoyed nearly every film. I was amazed by the local talent and resources represented by the films.

Each film has to be made entirely within a 48 hour time period, from concept to execution. The films have to be four to eight minutes long, and the filmmakers pick their genre out of a hat, like horror, action/adventure, superhero, or comedy. They are given a line of dialogue, a certain prop, and a character, which they have to incorporate into the movie, somehow. The results are fun to watch. Imagine a four-minute horror movie! The one I saw, was about a woman getting her hand caught in the garbage disposal.

I think it would be neat if Netflix distributed the national or international winners on a compilation DVD, or sponsored it, or something. If the DVD comes available, I recommend you check it out.

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