Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Not that Red Envelope

In case you're wondering, I adopted the tagline for this blog, "Red Envelope Madness", even after I realized there was another Red Envelope out there. However, I intend to retain that tagline, since it is true. Netflix DVDs come in a big, beautiful, red envelope, like this one. No trademark infringement intended. I'm not making a cent, not one unit of legal tender, off this endeavor. But this blog is worth 8 Billion in fantasy-dollars on Blogshares! Ha!


  1. There is a new company out there that is better than NetFlix....its called Blockbuster. Where you can rent 3 movies at one time and its only 19.99 (thats cheaper than Netflix).

  2. Feel free to use Blockbuster. It's worth the extra $2 I pay Netflix each month to not have to drive to the store. Besides, I doubt Blockbuster would have the titles I'm looking for. I wanted to see Before Sunrise , so I could see its sequel Before Sunset , which is in theatres now, I checked with Blockbuster, and they didn't even stock it. Hollywood Video had it on VHS, not on DVD.

  3. Is there no one out there who knows that "a lot" is TWO WORDS? (How stupid can people get? "alot" answers the question).

    NetFlix is a bad thing. It's just a rip-off. It is bad. Very bad.

  4. Teresa HEINZ Kerry.

    How many drugs does she take?

    She married HEINZ because she was a gold digger. KERRY married her because HE is a gold digger.

    How sick are these spaced-out freaks?

  5. I agree, Netflix rocks. We're watching X-Files via Netflix. The only problem is that sometimes you get discs with enough wear on them that they freeze up.


  6. Surely you know that Blockbuster doesn't just mean brick & mortar stores any more. Blockbuster Online does have more titles that Netflix and it is $2 cheaper, but their website is a mess and they have a lot fewer distribution centers than Netflix.