Monday, August 23, 2004

Facets Multimedia online rental option

I'm excited about Facets Multimedia, a new-to-me online movie rental option. They've been around for over a decade, but I'm just now discovering them. From their Web page:
Rent in person or by mail from over 25,000 rare and out-of-print films - virtually impossible to find anywhere else! Early rare silents, the darkest noir, today's lightest French comedies...we also carry an extensive line of fine arts videos - hundreds of programs on art, dance, theater, photography, opera, and jazz.

Formats available are VHS or DVD, PAL or NTSC, Laser, or CD-ROM, even books. Their Facets Freedom ValuePass , similar to Netflix, is unlimited rentals by mail. Postage is free for DVDs, but
renting VHS tapes over the mail will entail an outgoing surcharge (because they weigh more): $5.00 for one tape, $8.00 for two and $10.00 for three. You are responsible the return postage.
There’s a special kids’ only membership and special options available for Chicago area members, including a brick-and-mortar store and theatre showings.

They offer many more titles for sale, too. is
called the "No. 1 Resource and public movie library in the entire United States" by Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune and "A temple of great cinema" by Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times. Voted "Best Video Store in the Country" by New City three years running!

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  1. Facets is a _great_ place. Wandering around their basement rental area is quite an adventure, and I've seen some of the best movies of my life in their theatre. They specialize in rarer movies, but seem to have the mainstream stuff, too.

    We're looking into a rent-by-mail thing, and Facets is looking very good to me. More expensive ($24/mo or $250/year), but for Chicago people their plan includes two tickets to any showing at their theatre, and some other bonuses.

    Their big catalog is an amazing book and it looks like it's free with the year membership. I'm guessing Facets sort of pioneered the rentals by mail thing, I first became aware of them doing it in like '88 or so.

    My mind's made up, time to talk to the wife....