Thursday, August 12, 2004

Netflix: FAQ du Jour Damaged or unplayable

I have found that I can make an unplayable disc play just by cleaning the disc, most of the time. Fingerprints on the disc cause more problems than scratches.

Question: I received a scratched, damaged, or unplayable DVD. What do I do?
Answer: If you have received a DVD title that is unplayable, try cleaning the disc first. (Windex on a paper towel works well.)
If the disc is cracked, damaged, or still won't play, you can report it at the Rental Activity page in Your Account.
On this page you also have the option to request that a replacement disc be sent to you immediately.
Please return the damaged disc, as many damaged discs can be repaired with our polishing machine. Also, for many titles, Netflix must account for, or pay the movie studio for lost discs; your return of the damaged disc is appreciated, and helps keep costs low for all our customers.


  1. Do you have problems with cracked discs? I was a member for about 2 months and everything was okay until last week there were two discs sent on two different days that were cracked partially or wholly, rendering them completely unplayable. Just wondering if this is something that happens to others, too.

  2. It happens to others, but never to me, so far.