Monday, August 09, 2004

Greencine vs. Netflix review

Here's a very long, detailed review of Greencine, by a user who lives in Kansas. I'm a member of Greencine as well as Netflix. I use them for different things. Greencine shipped me a DVD on Friday, Aug 6, which I received today, Monday, Aug 9, so turnaround hasn't been too bad. Greencine is an alternative to Netflix. Emphasis on alternative.


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  2. The analysis of Netflix's DVD allocation system that is linked to in the article you linked to is based on Netflix in the spring of 2003. Hasn't Netflix increased their inventory and the number of distribution centers since then? Are intentional delays still an issue?

    I'm just on Netflix's 2-out plan, so, according to the logic in that article, I get priority. I've never had an status other than Now in my queue, so I can't speak badly of Netflix from personal experience.

  3. I love Netflix. It's my new best friend. Except for a few TV series that I'd like and some of the indy documentaries, I love it. I'll have to check out Greencine.

  4. I heard that Blockbuster is in the final stages of starting yet another competitive service to Netflix. SHould be interesting!