Thursday, May 12, 2005

Are you in the 500 club?

Jer at has just joined what I've decided to call the "500 club" of Netflix members who have 500 titles in their queue--which is the maximum you can have.

I was in the 500 club last year, but I promised myself not to add any more to my queue until I finish 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. I'm down to 359 now. (Of course, I cheat every now and then).


  1. I joined the 500 club today. Kind of a bummer, but it did give me an incentive to go clean a little junk out of my queue.

  2. I'd like to point out keeping your queue filled to the max sort of insures you'll be a customer for a long time. I'm sure Netflix and their stockholders are very happy to hear customers have joined the 500 club. Currently my queues look like this:

    Netflix = 14
    GreenCine = 9
    Blockbuster = 6

    I have too many rentals at Netflix at present for my liking. I rent a majority of serials. If I add all of a series in my queue sequentially there's the possibility I will have episodes arrive out of order which makes watching them less enjoyable. My solution (as well for many others) is to watch one volume then add the next to my queue. If I had 500 rentals in my queue it would take years to see the next volume.

  3. I've got 2 profiles maxed out at the 500 club. One is for TV series, the other is for movies. I'm assured that I will have TV shows and Movies to watch for years to come.

  4. That's great, Alexander! It sure is a good feeling, isn't it?

  5. I've been a Netflix subscriber since 10/2001 and I think I joined the 500 club sometime in 2002. I kept on adding more movies to a "custom list" that I named "queue overflow". When Netflix came out with profiles I started taking movies out of that list and putting them into the new queues... I filled all five in a months worth of clicking and I still have a bunch left over in my "queue overflow" list!

    So, should there be a special, exclusive club for people like me? the 2500+ club perhaps? :-)

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  7. I've been a member of the 500 club for a while, but only now after reading this do I feel enabled to make a separate profile just to keep adding movies and TV shows. Though I don't think my DVD queue has moved in a while as I've been watching too many in theaters and using the Instant queue. I suppose there are worse problems.

  8. GUESS WHAT? that special feature that says "this movie is already in "name here"'s queue and the button to remove it... ADDED BY ME :)
    For all of us who have the issues with multiple queues and not remembering what movies you put in where. Now when you add a movie it will let you know if it is in another queue. =)