Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Get your Netflix Rental Statistics from writes:

I knew I was being throttled, so I wrote an application that takes the emailed "Netflix Rental History" and produces lots of charts and graphs on just about everything I could think of.It proved that I was being throttled and gave me the numbers to back it up.

The power of this application is that it uses just the information provided by Netflix to create a comprehensive picture of your rental experience.

Try it yourself.

This is version 1.0 of this application. I'm looking for your
suggestions on how to make this application better.

I don't believe in "throttling", but I like looking at my stats. It works for me.

From Yahoo! Group Netflix_Complaints


  1. I don't believe in "throttling"...

    I thought Netflix had confirmed that they were doing it to their high-volume customers?

  2. Yes Becky - please clarify what you mean... :)

    I am very curious now...

    I have experienced "throttling" very much - so I used your advice on putting a "Long Wait" DVD in my first Queue spot, so my second DVD is actually my "first choice."

    It's worked like a charm - I haven't had the "throttling" since.

  3. I'm glad my Netflix hack is working for you.

    What I mean when I say "I don't believe in throttling" is that I don't believe Netflix deliberately delays shipping me a disc if I'm a high-volume user if they have a disc available. I think it's just a matter of priorities. I do not believe that allocation of scarce resources according to who has or hasn't had their fair share is the same thing as deliberately adding an extra day to shipping times.

  4. I'd like to beat this dead horse, if I may. Suppose Netflix has 10 copies of Interesting Movie and 20 people put it at the front of their queue. Who do they send their DVD's to first?

  5. They say they send it to the people who have seen their number one choice the least often in the recent past.