Monday, May 16, 2005

More queue filling suggestions

If you are new to Netflix, and need help filling your queue, start by looking at their award-winning movies lists. If you have seen any of those movies, rate them. Rate all the movies you have ever seen. Keep in mind that, for movies you rate a 3 or above, Netflix will recommend more that are similar to those.

If the recommendations don't work, Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia has a couple of interesting lists you might find inspirational:

List of movies that have been considered among the worst ever

List of movies that have been considered among the greatest ever.


  1. Yes, the most important point from this entry - rate all movies you have ever seen -- *even if you did not see them from Netflix.*

    Try to remember back to movies you have seen, over time - before you even joined Netflix.

    Becky, is there a way to rate movies that are not yet out on DVD? For instance, let's say I see a new movie in the theatres... And I want to rate it.

  2. Check the Netflix database often. They frequently add titles soon after they open in theatres.

  3. I should add that everyone should rate the movies they hate, too, to prevent Netflix from recommending similar ones.