Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is NOT Netflix Customer Service

Although I am very happy to answer any of your questions about the Netflix service, I am not an official representative of Netflix, so I cannot fix any issues you may have with them.

I year ago, I blogged about someone trying to cancel their Netflix subscription by commenting on this No Assembly Required blog entry.

Click here for the proper way to contact their customer service department. If you really want to cancel Netflix, click here.

If you're going to use the Internet, be sure you know how to identify which Web site you're reading.

Apparently, a Netflix subscriber did a search for Netflix Customer Service and stumbled across this entry on the Tinotopia blog. He apparently mistook the blog for Netflix, and left a comment, including his phone number, email address, and full name . Perhaps by now he has had to change them all, eh? The post has been up for two years.

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