Wednesday, May 04, 2005

NetflixQ has a PHP script you can download for free, called
NetflixQ, which uses's RSS feed and Macromedia Flash to display your Netflix queue (or other Netflix RSS feed) in real time on your website. The NetflixQ qill automatically load your queue, display the items in order, slowly fading from title to title. Users can control the playback with the simple-to-use DVD style controls at the bottom of the NetflixQ.

An unobtrusive timer shows how much time remains to view the currently displayed title before it will progress to the next title in the list. Upon reaching the last DVD in the list, NetflixQ will begin with the first DVD and repeat until you leave the page.

To use the NetflixQ:

1. Download the NetflixQ zip file.
2. Unzip the zip file and upload all files to a folder on your web site.
3. Edit the $myQ variable in the parse.php file to match your Netflix queue ID (found at
Your id is the 35 character string that comes after the id (e.g. P2121212121212121212121212121212121 is the id for the queue of
4. Make sure the folder that contains these files can be written to by parse.php. A file named netflix.txt is created in this folder when the Flash movie is run.

Note that multi-DVD sets may not display a DVD image. This is due to the way that Netflix stores its images.

If you try this on your Web site, let me know, so I can link to you.


  1. Nice find! I used it on my Netflix page.

    The graphics aren't working at the moment, but I think that's because of my Internet connection.

  2. I like the idea of it, but it seems too obtrusive. Too large.

    I'd like something a bit smaller.