Friday, June 17, 2005

Bad Movie, Verboten Subject? says: "Netflix makes it too easy to queue up bad movies"

Do you find yourself renting crap that you otherwise wouldn't try, because Netflix makes it easy to take risks?


  1. Of course. I have an affinity to cheesy horror movies and Netflix makes it very easy to just queue 'em up. I'm trying to break the habit, though, at least somewhat, by actually getting out and going to the movies more often.

  2. oh yeah, and I find myself getting movies I have already seen a few times because I can. You can't ask for anything better than that. If I had to walk into a store and put money down, I would never get something I had already seen or some cheesy movie. I love Netflix!

  3. Nope, quite the opposite. I have access to so many more quality movies, that there is never room in my queue for any garbage. This is quite different from the usual end results of a "random excursion to Schlockduster" scenario.