Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Guess Which Movie

Here's another way to justify your Netflix subscription, by putting it to good use:

If you're fond of movies, quizzes, and clicking on little web buttons for hours at a time, have we got a site for you. Your task: Guess the movie. Your tools: Four images from the film. Sounds like a breeze, but don't count on it. There's no (A) Halloween (B) Halloween II (C) Halloween III (D) The Bicycle Thief. Instead, there are 20 movie choices for each set of images. Some are gimmes, like the group displaying shots of Paul Newman, a poolroom, and the back of Tom Cruise (The Color of Money); others will take a lengthy process of elimination, especially if you haven't seen the flick in question. (Let's see, was Lindsay Lohan in Fight Club?) You can also register at the site and qualify for enormous fame on the results list. (in Movies & Film)

Via Yahoo! Picks

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