Monday, June 27, 2005

Netflix news and suggestions from Dave

Dave Musselman has a couple of good suggestions for Netflix, one of which is to include an optional field on his queue which would allow him to make notes, to remind him about why he chose the movie. For you Mac OS X users out there, Netflix Freak already allows this. Read more.

His other post is about how Netflix is looking to hire a Product Management Director to manage the development of an Electronic Delivery system, to deliver high quality movies to our TVs through the Internet. Read more.


  1. I've had some problems with Netflix Freak - regarding queue changes.

    If I change my queue via Netflix Freak, then immediately check it through a browser, at the Netflix site - the changes aren't carried over.

    I ever refresh the browser a few times, and often the changes don't show.

  2. You might need to click the "sync" button on Netflix Freak.