Friday, June 10, 2005

In which, Dr. Mabuse comes in two parts, or "Blockbuster Online doesn't know what it has"

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I had must-see movie Dr. Mabuse: the Gambler (1922) in three queues at the same time: Netflix, Nicheflix, and Greencine, because all of them had it as "very long wait". I was going to see who would send it to me first. Netflix has it in a two-disc set, but they ship both simultaneously. Greencine has the same listing, same cover art, but they ship each disc separately. Ditto Nicheflix.

Nicheflix was the first to send it to me. They sent Disc One, but Disc Two was "very long wait".

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Blockbuster Online had it, and it was "available now"! Blockbuster is not known for having the rare, arty-farty titles. They had the same listing, same cover art, but their description doesn't say if it's a one-disc or two-disc title. I was expecting to get both discs, even though I needed only Disc Two.

Lucky me, Blockbuster Online sent me ONLY Disc Two (!) of Dr. Mabuse, in a sleeve that was marked 1 of 1. I still reported it as a "disc issue", saying I received the wrong movie, even though it's the right movie for me (by sheer luck), because they obviously don't know that it's supposed to be a two disc set. I wouldn't want the next customer to get only Disc Two. If you're going to get only one disc, get the first one. It's better.

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