Friday, June 17, 2005

To cut a long story short

Netflix has an amazing number of movie previews available online. Do you ever use them to decide what to watch? Well, the Guardian Unlimited has a great feature article on how the studios make teaser trailers/previews. Have you ever noticed that the trailer is completely different from or much better than the movie?

"'We are often asked to make silk purses out of sow's ears,' Lafontaine concedes. 'But it's our job. And even the worst movie in the world is going to be somebody's favourite movie.' A few weeks ago, in her smoky office in London's Soho, Mary McGrane, an editor who put together the trailers for the second Bridget Jones film, echoed Lafontaine's sentiments. 'Friends see films I've done trailers for and say I only put in the best bits,' she said. 'Of course I only put in the best bits. If I'd put in all the shit bits, you wouldn't have gone to see it.'"

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