Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Spielberg's disrepect for the fans

Regarding his movie The War of the Worlds, which opens today, Stephen Spielberg says "'Science fiction for me is a vacation, a vacation away from all the rules of narrative logic, a vacation away from physics and physical science.
'It just let's you leave all the rules behind and just kind of fly.' "

Wrong! What an ignorant remark on the part of a supposedly genius filmmaker! I prefer my science fiction movies with the science left in.

Hey, I almost wrote an entire post without using the word "Netflix" in a sentence!


  1. Meto meto meto.
    Dumb science spoils SF for me in any medium and that's a dumb statement from Spielberg.

  2. SF movies have a tough time with many things. Simulating low gravity and communication with aliens are just two. Aliens somehow always manage to learn English. Spaceships almost always have "artificial gravity" Then there is the travelling faster than light-speed or near light-speed without speeding up time relative to Earth time (the whole Theory of Relativity thing) See