Tuesday, June 21, 2005


SuperBorrowNet looks like an interesting alternative to Peerflix or a supplement to Netflix. It's built on a Peerflix model, in that you make a list of items you have available to share. You invite friends to borrow from you, and they make a list of stuff they're willing to share with you. Instead of buying stuff, you're "borrowing" and "sharing" it, which means you retain all ownership rights, including the right to "recall" a shared item any time. You restrict your sharing to people you trust. Privacy is guaranteed. You can share DVDs, books, creative works, lawn tools, etc. Whatever you have in mind to share, you can share. You are responsible for shipping costs, so you might want to limit your sharing to folks in your town.


  1. I have found Superborrownet to be fairly helpful. It is easier to loan and borrow with a friend than a faceless company. I also like having my stuff listed out for me. Now I can easily see what I own! Anyway, it is a helpful free service.

  2. I caught your thread and thought I'd chime in with a helpful plug of my own.

    You may also find BarterBee.com to be a good alternative to the existing services you discuss. Not only can you trade-in DVD's but you can also trade-in your unwanted CDs and Video Games for the ones you really want.

    All transactions are $1.00. Get ANY CD, DVD or Video Game for points and a $1 per-item transaction fee. Maximum $5 in transaction fees per month - get anything you want with no transaction fee after that.

    Take a look and join, it's free, and give us your thoughts.