Friday, June 17, 2005

Nearest Shipping Facility

You might get an envelope from Netflix which has your address preprinted on it, instead of on a stuck-on label. You open it up and discover that inside, the return address says "nearest Netflix shipping facility". Instead of your local distribution center, it has an address for a faraway center. Do not be concerned. This change was made to increase efficiency of distribution, and will not affect your service, according to Steve Swasey, Director, Corporate Communications for Netflix Inc. He says members should not alter their envelopes in any way.

I haven't noticed a problem with it, myself, but if you think this is affecting your service, complain to Netflix.


  1. I'd noticed that change about 8 or 10 movies ago, but for me, they've all been addressed to my local distribution center across town. If anything, it's reduced the return time from my usual mail drop from two days to one.

    But I bet I'd be annoyed if one of my discs was addressed to a center across the country and its return got delayed a couple of days.

  2. Yeah, ditto.

    But what's with the hole in the back? Do you need to put the movie in so the barcode is visible for the return trip, too? are they just playing some really long april fool's day joke on me after 3 years of my lovingly returning all DVDs with the envelope facing up?

    Honestly, I'm perplexed.

  3. I live near the west coast and have bme shipping clear across the country to NY, and MA. Instead of 1 day most of my films are now taking 5-7 DAYS for them to receive! This is unacceptable. I wrote them and told them they need to swotch me back, or I'll just can the whole thing ans dtart renting from Blockbuster again!

  4. I live in Richmond, VA and we have a shipping center here, and most of my envelopes have that return address, but in the last week I have noticed I will often get ones with a maryland address on them, like out of 3 movies one or two will have the MD address, I just use the local richmond ones, and put more than one movie in the envelope.

    Now I check the address, and just throw away the out of town envelopes.

  5. When I'm at home (in my hometown), it makes sense for my movies to be shipped to that same location.

    But when I go out of town - I still like to bring movies and drop them in the nearest mailbox.

    But what's the point when the movies get shipped ALL THE WAY back to my hometown's facility!?

    I might as well just bring the "watched" DVDs back home with me, and use the mailboxes there.

    I figured NEAREST NETFLIX SHIPPING FACILITY meant nearest to the mailbox that I use.

    I was WAY wrong.

  6. The specific name that a piece of mail is addressed to makes no difference to the USPS. That's why you can sign up for free offers with phoney names and see where they sell your name to.....anyway... The envelopes could be addressed to Bob, or to Automated Automaton #215. They will still be delivered to the P.O. Box number indicated on the second line.