Thursday, June 09, 2005

Netflix NOT affiliated with GreenZap

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I saw a Netflix logo on the GreenZap Web site. I've seen other sites claiming that Greenzap is a scam. Greenzap claims to have a relationship with different online retailers, including Netflix, so I called Netflix Public Relations to verify if this is so. The official statement from Netflix spokesperson Steve Swasey, Director of Corporate Communications for Netflix, is that "Netflix does not have a relationship or affiliation with Greenzap. They do not have permission from us to use the Netflix logo, and we have asked them to remove it."

If you go to the Greenzap site today, you may have a little trouble with it. When I tried to look at the Google cache of the site, it redirected me to the Google home page.

All customer interactions are conducted directly with Netflix through the official Netflix Website. Do not go through any other vendors. Netflix takes customer relationships and information confidentiality very seriously.

I hate giving press to stuff like Greenzap, but I want you to be cautioned about it, and not get fooled into giving those people your money.


  1. greenZap is for real but some companies don,t want to admit it but they cannot stop this great company from becoming huge.

  2. They're off to a bad start if they're using trademarks without permission.

  3. I'm still investigating Greenzap, and agree that use of a trademark without permission isn't the best start, allthough I can see why they might have got ahead of themselves...

    There was another trademark that has been removed, iTunes.

    I asked Alex Sonkin (GZs president) about this and he explained that they were still in negatioation with Apple.

    I'll be sure to add this to my list of questions, I'm hoping Alex will grant me an interview, to podcast from my new blog. (yep, I've just started blogging - inspired by my fascination with viral marketing and how fast Greenzap has grown.

    Although I've joined GreenZap - I haven't posted any links on my blog or really started promoting it, until I'm 100% happy that it's legit. ie when I've spent my $25 :)

    If you or anyone visiting this page, has any other issues, feel free to drop by and post them articulately here.

    I'll try to arrange and interview with Alex S, and raise these issues with him personally, and publish the results at my site.

    Kind Regards


    PS, Hey Becky, hope you're ok with the link I posted, feel free to come over and reciprocate it, take care - PPS nice blog :)