Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Netflix is great for third shift workers

Livejournal user samuraizergling has another great reason to use Netflix. He works third shift, so on nights he's not working, he's up all night, which makes weekends "a real drag. All the bars close at 2am, and you can only do so much late-night grocery shopping. And after all the laundry is done, and you have had all the baths one can usefully take, we enter the Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. The time from 4am until about 9am when stuff starts to open again. Nothing on TV except infomercials and bad movies."

Now thanks to Netflix, he can watch fresh movies or TV episodes on DVD every weekend.


  1. I've been meaning to write a post about the same subject. I work midnights 7pm to 7am. Working midnights is tough lifestyle being awake when everyone else is asleep. Even on my days off, I find myself awake at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. Television programming sucks during this time as there not much to watch except infomercials. Then, a ray of sunshine entered my TV with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I was hooked on InuYasha. Eventually, I started purchasing InuYasha DVDs. I was into anime again. All the titles at Media Play looked interesting but I couldn't afford to buy them all. Why Media Play started a partnership with Netflix I'll never know, but I found myself signing up with Netflix in the store.

    I still enjoy Adult Swim or G4's Anime Unleashed occasionally but it's more enjoyable watching my anime without the commercial breaks and listening to them in Japanese instead of the mediocre English dubs.

    Thanks for posting on the subject Becky.

    PS: My favorite anime titles:

  2. Thank you for doing what you do, Manuel. You do one of the world's toughest jobs, so that makes you one of my heroes. And you love your dog, which is another great thing about you.

    My favorite anime is Millennium Actress. I love the music from that one. Grave of the Fireflies is great, too.

  3. You can also use Tivo or another Digital Video Recorder to record shows to watch later.