Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How to Pick a DVD Service has a story, "How to Pick a DVD Service", in which Kelli B. Grant compares Blockbuster, Cafe DVD, Coreflix, DVD Avenue, DVD Overnight, Netflix, and Qwikfliks, on factors such as costs, size of selection, trial period (or not), Shipping location, time limits, and Web site. She doesn't declare a winner, but of course, it's Netflix. Read it.

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  1. Mrs. Grant writes an objective comparison. I'm glad she mentioned so many different companies. My criticism is her research doesn't go too deep. It's like she went to the drug store compared pain relievers based on what's printed on the label. Also, she doesn't go into the downside of renting online. Of course, companies aren't going to mention their faults on their home page yet consumers need to know. Still, Mrs. Grant's article has more worthiness than that of self ingratiating Bruce Mohl, a habitual Netflix brown noser.

    For an article on online renting I recommend Mike Estes' "Truth about Renting Online." Mike doesn't compare one service to another. He doesn't favor one service over the other. He mentions the companies involved, compares the cost, then goes through the pros and cons of online renting. Mike is forthright, succinct, and to the point. I think of his article as a "truth in lending" for online renting. If you're interested, Google "truth about online renting."