Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Unusual weekend

I'm probably the only Netflix subscriber in Greensboro who is not returning anything to Netflix today.

Because I had family visiting from out of town, I stayed pretty busy this past weekend, and didn't have time to watch many movies. Instead, I swam in my sister's pool, ate lots of grilled-out hotdogs, and caught up on some sleep.

I still managed to squeeze in a couple movies, but not Netflix. I re-watched my personal copy of The Incredibles with family, because one nephew hadn't seen it yet, and I had to see The War of the Worlds in the theatre. You can add it to your queue, but I think it's one you really have to see on the big screen.

Of course, the occasional visitor to this blog will still think I'm an obsessed freak who needs to "get a life".


  1. I was able to return 3 DVDs. I still had two to watch, but never got around to it.

    You're not an obsessed freak - you just take advantage of the great service that is Netflix.

  2. Thanks, Matt. You're sweet :).

  3. oh my gosh it's so freaky! I haven't returned my 3 DVDs as well,... and I rewatched The Incredibles with my lil bro since he loves the movie so much and saw War of the Worlds [which I didn't like much] over the weekend......

  4. Heh, Becky, everyone is obsessed with something. ;-)

    Always remember that you can watch 1000 movies and at worse you end up with bad skin. You "get a life" and go barhopping once, and you can end up with any number of diseases. :-P

    I saw War of the Worlds as well, and I have to say that (special effects aside) it's one of the worst movies I've seen this year. So many plotholes...

  5. i don't think you're a freak or obsessed. i have not returned my three dvd's for about two or three weeks. i think summer means more time away from home--so less time for t.v.

  6. Thank you, loyal readers.