Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Change of plans

I have changed from the 5-out to the 3-out plan, for a couple of reasons.

#1 I have other things to do. It's summer where I live. Social opportunities abound. I haven't been able to keep up with my viewing. If you can't watch 'em, don't rent 'em! Last month, I watched only 12, and so far this month, only 7. The 5-out plan requires I watch a minimum of 10 per month to break even with the brick-and-mortar stores, IMHO.

#2 I have other things to do, two. There's an historic theatre here in Greensboro that's begun an Orson Welles series AND an independent film series, so I'm there twice a week. And there are films opening almost every week that I want to see in the first-run theatres. (Spiderman, anyone?). I haven't even seen Harry's 3rd yet!


  1. Greensboro? Maybe it's artsy by NC standards, but c'mon -- it's ultimately backwoods and you'd be better off living in Durham. Move.

  2. I wouldn't want to live in Durham. Too many left-wing intellectual elitists, such as yourself, are there.

  3. Wow, what a leap in logic: "Too many left-wing intellectual elitists, such as yourself, are there."

  4. the gso carolina theatre is also showing pretty great indie movies on thurs/fridays this month and next, as well as finishing up the orson welles tribute.

    durham is a fine city - but really when people still foundly remember "ringside" you know ya'll aren't progressing, much.

  5. i think becky is completely, tottaly, 100% rite. i mean, becky, if i was in your place, im sure i wouldve done the same thing, so i tottaly agree w/ u... u m8 a smart choice if u ask me :)