Saturday, June 05, 2004

"Netflix" used as a verb... in "to Netflix" something, as in the above-linked example "So if you're interested at all, Netflix one and check it out." I've heard it used as a noun, synonymous with DVDs, as in "Do you want to come over? I've got alot of Netflix at home."


  1. i've noticed that my new word is "queue." i've got "fill-in-the-blank movie" in my queue means i'm planning to watch it, i'm just waiting for it. this has started to apply to a lot of things.

    when you change the grammatical use of the word, i.e. "i had a party last night" vs. "i like to party", this is rhetorically called anthamarea. my spelling is off, i'm sure...

  2. Since I decided to read your whole blog a 1.5 years late, you'll be getting a lot of random comment from long ago.

    The first time I heard the word queue was used for waiting in line at Disney World.

    I find myself saying queue all of the time now, too. But never Netflix. Unless I say, "I have a Netflix account/movie."