Monday, June 14, 2004

Exodus no more, the web hosting service used by Netflix, was bought by Savvis. I had the following conversation with them:

Dan.Walter: Welcome to our live online chat. I work in Savvis' Herndon, VA location and would like to help answer any questions you have about Savvis.
Becky: I`m just curious if you are still the company that hosts They were with Exodus, so does that mean you guys bought
Dan.Walter: Savvis purchased Exodus as part of our Cable and Wireless North America acquisition a few months back
Becky: Then does that mean Netflix is one of your customers?
Dan.Walter: why do you ask?
Becky: I`m just curious. I read an article about it. I`m looking for a place to put my web site.
Dan.Walter: Some of our customers sign non-disclosure agreements with us prior to hosting…

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