Friday, June 04, 2004

Greencine vs Netflix

I think if Netflix could create the community feeling that Greencine has, with its articles and blogs, then they would lose some of that corporate feel. Alot of the criticisms I've been reading on the Web lately deal with that. They no longer see Netflix as a dot-com startup success story, but as an omnipresent corporate machine. One of the pluses of Netflix, for me, has been its intimacy with the user. I have felt like I had the video store to myself. Greencine has a dreadful user interface, but I concede they win more points in the warm fuzzies area.


  1. I just wish Netflix had GreenCine's inventory. That would make the best of both worlds. But for now, it would be insanity not to go with Netflix. Idealistic, but insanity. They do have a great blog, though.

  2. I agree. I use the Greencine articles and blog for viewing tips. I'm educating myself on the various genres so I can explore new and exciting worlds of cinema. Thanks.