Sunday, June 27, 2004

My Netflix Queue

Listology allows me to post my Netflix queue for all the world to see. It's free. You can do it too. Thanks Jim!


  1. U wanna know the real NETFLIX, try cancelling before they receive your flix back.

  2. Someone needs to get with them and develop a webtool that exports the list to the front page of a persons blog.

  3. Thanks for the link Becky! Regarding pylorns comment above, I did e-mail Netflix awhile ago asking them to make various data (like queues and history) available as RSS or some other XML format so programmers could easily incorporate such data in other sites, but I never heard back. Ended up having to go with the screen-scraping approach for what Listology does.

  4. hmm. Well I think it goes like this - if enough people email them and pester them.. things might happen.

  5. My email:

    I know you should be well aware of the online craze that has become Blogger ( that is now owned by Google.

    I would like to make a request to have an exportable version of the movie "queue" in xml or php that can be tied in with say a side bar for many of the online weblogs.

    Many companies underestimate the ability of these personal weblogs to have an impact on sales or advertising and promotions. But time and time again, major news companies like CNN /FOX/CBS have pointed out that this new craze is holding steady and has the ability to sway large numbers of visitors. For Netflix to not take advantage of it, would be a mistake.

    signed pylorns

  6. Thank you Pylorns! Maybe they will get together with Blogger to make such a thing available, eh? Or some intrepid blogger will design a template to make it possible.

  7. Great idea for blogger, Becky.

    This is probably another topic, but I wish we had another alternative to Netflix. I only have been using Netflix since Nov, 2003. However, when I lived in California from 95-00, before I owned a Dvd player, I heard of Netflix.

    Only reason why I finally started subscribing to Netflix was because they opened a Cleveland shipping center in Nov. I knew shipping would be fast. I was right. Starting in March and April, they began to slow down for me. I cancelled them at the end of April
    in frustration. Movies shipped in my same city to me in a Cleveland suburb would take 3-4 days to me instead of 1-2 days. I have read about Netflix users with this experience.

    June 21, I re-activated my account because I was suffering not having Netflix for 2 months. I hated going to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.

    I think Netflix will improve things if they have competition.....