Wednesday, June 09, 2004

June Wait Statuses--Netflix

The only title on this list that had a wait status in May is Forgotten Silver, which was Long Wait then. I haven't experienced any actual wait times for any movies, because none of them was at the top of my queue. There are 490 titles in my queue (which you can see on Listology, so if these indicators are accurate, there are about 10% waiting.

Forbidden Planet (Very Long Wait & Out of Print)
The Sentinel (Very Long Wait & Out of Print)
The Verdict (Short Wait)
Forgotten Silver (Very Long Wait)
Topsy-Turvy (Very Long Wait & Out of Print)


  1. Topsy-Turvy out of print all ready? That's odd.

  2. I've heard studios do that sometimes when they're getting ready to re-release a special edition. Let's hope that's the case here.

  3. That's funny--I was going to say the exact thing Irving Monroe did before I clicked the comments. A special edition of Topsy-Turvy would be sweet.