Friday, June 18, 2004

Tartuffe Follow-up

I must say that Netflix handled this problem with a defective Tartuffe very well. Immediately upon reporting the disc as damaged, they fired off a replacement, which I'd requested. I hadn't received it after 5 days, so I reported it lost. That very day, I received it. I went ahead and watched and returned it. However, they have a second replacement already on the way (which will arrive Monday), which I wish I could cancel. Meanwhile, they've received the "lost" one. Even though I've had the same movie shipped to me again unnecessarily, I appreciate the effort.

It was worth getting the replacement disc, because I enjoyed the second track, which was a documentary called "The Way To Murnau". Very informative.

In six months and 95 discs, my only other problems have been with the mislabelled Last of the Mohicans and a defective copy of The Passion Of Ayn Rand. I should write them to let them know they should add "The Way To Murnau" to the DVD description. Someone might want to rent it for that feature.


  1. You should try renting children's discs... parents should know better than to let toddlers handle rental discs. I've had several that skipped or froze up, all covered with copious scratches.

  2. Ha ha! I reckon you have to report a lot of damaged discs, eh?

  3. Huh, I had a problem with the same version of the Last of the Mohicans too (i'd rented the silent but got the 1990s one instead). The problem was resolved, though.