Monday, June 28, 2004

Most popular online movie sites

Of the top online movie sites, Netflix is third, behind Yahoo and IMDB.


  1. I love the Netflix service, but would like to see the new movies in Netflix the same time they come out at Blockbuster. I suppose Blockbuster has a better deal with the movie folks. I did notice that they are overing a similiar service to Netflix. They must feel some market pressure.

  2. Netflix releases new movies the same day as Blockbuster, but you have to have a strategy in order to get your copy without waiting. Be sure to return a disc on Friday or Saturday, so that it arrives at Netflix on the following Monday, if the new release that you want is coming out on the following Tuesday. That will trigger them to send you a disc on Monday. If the new release is in the top spot in your queue, that's what they will send you next. They send new releases on Monday, but only if they get a returned disc from you the same day.