Monday, November 28, 2005

DVD box has hints if it's bootleg

If you're looking for bargain DVDs, and you don't want to be suckered into buying a bootleg copy, the Courier-journal has the scoop:

A dead giveaway that a DVD is a bootleg is if the seller advertises that the DVD comes in a "color collector's case." That means a plain package. It also means "recorded off TV."

You don't want something that's been recorded off TV. Quality suffers.

Do your research. Check to see if the studio logo or other trademarks are on the box. The absence of these could be a sign it's a bootleg. Check or to see if the movie has been released on DVD. If it hasn't been released yet, what you're buying isn't legit.

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  1. Most of the bootlegs that come from China and Malaysia are absolutely bit-perfect pressed (not recorded) copies that came out of pirate DVD factories. These are exact duplicates of what you'll find at Best Buy. Their cases also usually excellent. It's true that you won't find too many of them in this country, but if you travel through Asia they usually make up close to 100% of available inventory in every store.