Tuesday, November 22, 2005

DVDs delivered "in about an hour"

DVD Revolution is a video store located in a suburb 50 miles outside of Chicago, which delivers DVD movies and games to your home "in about an hour." You have the option to order snacks with your movie. You get the movie for about a week, and you can return it by mail, or have it picked up. They are now teaming up with pizza restaurants to deliver pizza and a movie. You have to register with their site to find out if you live in their delivery area and what their rate structure is.

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  1. I remember that we had a similar service in Seattle called Kozmo.com It was a wonderful service and I would have DVDs (and beer) delivered all the time. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult business model and they went out of business. Hopefully, DVD Revolution has a better strategy and a better management team. Very cool though.