Friday, November 18, 2005

How many movies I've seen so far this year

I have seen 400 movies since January 1, 2005. Only two of them were repeat viewings. This does not include many short films I've seen this year.

157 were from Netflix
87 from Blockbuster Online (not including in-store coupons)
29 from Nicheflix
33 from Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, and Video Review stores
38 in the theatre (not including various film festivals I've attended)
5 from Greencine


  1. Wow..This is an impressive tally....I think i have watched more 200 movies this year myself..If u into discussing movies, than do drop me a line..

  2. I will end the year with over a 100 discs rented. Without Netflix, I would never get to see so many movies. Can you imagine that many trips to the video store!

    A good portion of my rentals have not been good. I get my movie recommendations from a variety of sources, but 8 months later when they rise to the top of my queue, I can't remember who recommended it. It would be nice if Netflix had some sort of way to annotate movies in your queue.

  3. Maestro,

    For discussing movies, I suggest joining That's where I hang out if I want to talk about a movie I've seen.


    For recommendations, I suggest rating as many movies as you can on Netflix, reading as many reviews as you can, and taking your friends' recommendations with a grain of salt!

  4. 120 since March 30, 2005. I didn't keep a log before then. Becky wins! :)