Friday, November 25, 2005

Quitting Nicheflix

Nicheflix is a great service, but I've decided to quit and go with Nicheflix a la carte instead. Nicheflix is an online DVD-by-mail rental service which specializes in multi-region DVDs. I was using the service as a supplement to Netflix, to obtain the titles Netflix didn't have and which I couldn't find anywhere else. I was on the two-out plan for $19.99/month, and I quit with seven titles in my queue. Of those seven, three were unavailable or out of stock, and three were "available shortly." I think I'll have better luck trying to obtain those titles through the Nicheflix a la carte service, which allows me to rent them individually without a monthly fee. They charge for shipping, but they supply a prepaid return envelope.

If you are looking for rare European, Asian, or American films which haven't been released on DVD here in Region 1, you can rent them from Nicheflix, but you might need to have a multi-region DVD player, and sometimes a PAL converter, too. You can learn more about the various regions and formats here.

I am still a member of Netflix (3-out) and Blockbuster (3-out).


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