Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Netflix Fan's Christmas wish list

This is the first item I've added to my Christmas wish list:
Logitech Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote - universal remote control ( 966191-0403 )

Its Fremont, Calif., seller touts it as "the first activity-based remote" that has "a simple online setup process for complete customization."
You can set up the remote to work with your TV, digital cable box and DVD player/VCR combo using a computer and the Logitech Harmony Web site. Once configured, one press of a button will turn on the TV and digital cable or the TV and DVD player. And, just about everything works perfectly.

Via the Washington Times

I'm making an exception this year, and I'm accepting bribes, payoffs, kickbacks, and whatever else my loyal readers or Netflix wants to send me :). You have to do it in the spirit of Christmas, though, and not ask for anything in return.


  1. i can dedicate a journal antry for ur wonderful blog...hehe..in good spirit, that is if i start writing something, again...

  2. I have last year's model and I really like it.

  3. Why on earth would anybody read the Washington Times????

    Reverend Moon's propaganda rag.

  4. i was searching about Christmas . i found this blog . i would like to wish you " Merry christmas " to owner and all visitors of this blog . Thanks