Saturday, January 07, 2006

Altering the address on the Netflix return mailer is a big no-no

According to the United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual, Chapter 507 on Mailer Services, under Topic 8.0 on Business Reply Mail (BRM), sub-topic 8.4.4 says:

"The delivery address on a piece of BRM may not be altered to redirect the mailpiece to any address other than the one preprinted on the piece."

Netflix's self-mailing return envelopes are clearly labeled as "business reply mail."


  1. So long as NF's envelopes say "Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility" and the location is NOT in fact the nearest, I won't hesitate to "correct" the envelopes. I'm in Dayton OH and San Jose CA doesn't qualify...

  2. I would like to see the Post Office actually enforce that rule in the case of NETFLIX. Maybe, NETFLIX should stop playing games with their customers and this wouldn't be a problem. I actually received a DVD from Hawaii. Do you think I would really return it to Hawaii.

  3. I just use one envelope to mail say 2 or 3 movies back. Then I have spares with my local Netflix center. That way if I get a movie from, say, California, I can just pop it in one of my extra Minneapolis ones. Works great!

  4. As you stated, "Netflix's self-mailing return envelopes are clearly labeled as 'business reply mail.'"

    As long as it goes back to the business, it is O.K.

    Even Netflix will put labels on it so that it goes to the right place!
    I much rather mail it 35 miles away versus 253 miles! (It cuts 2 - 3 business days.)

    Now if you mail back it to your friend and NOT Netflix - THAT IS ILLEGAL!