Friday, January 13, 2006

Consumer Reports evaluates movies by mail - Updated 1-14-06

Via Columbia, SC:
They compared the following services:
DVD Avenue
Consumer Reports says the movie selection at GameznFlix was lousy, and when they tried to take advantage of the free trial sign up, the DVDs never arrived.

The best deal in DVD delivery, according to Consumer Reports, is from Intelliflix. It costs $16.95 a month for three movies at a time. Intelliflix has a great selection, but the website is strictly no-frills.

I guess "best deal" to them means cheapest.

UPDATE - HackingNetflix made some phone calls and verified the story and added some details to it. The original article is in Consumer Reports Money Adviser, which is why it isn't online.


  1. I'd never even heard of Intelliflix until just now.

    They have movies of course, but also games and porn. Plus it's cheaper and offers "faster shipping than Netflix".

    It's kind of tempting, does anyone have any real world experience with Intelliflix?

  2. How is it possible to faster than one-day shipping? Does Intelliflix hand deliver the DVD's to your doorstep within 30 minutes, like Domino's did in the old days? Sounds very suspicious. I expect more from Consumer Reports.

  3. ...And, speaking of suspicious, their splash page looks a lot like the one used by Netflix. Just saying, Consumer Reports.

  4. I took a glimpse at the news story but it doesn't sound like Consumer Reports at all. Usually, they use a specific format when reviewing products. It's a name I trust and I've used their guide for major purchases including my wife's Chrysler Concorde. I couldn't find any mention of the story on their website. Maybe it's in their latest issue. Becky, thanks for posting. When I get my hands on the issue I plan on posting an editorial on my web site. I'm also going to request permission to reprint their review on my web site.

    FYI: Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization. See their mission statement.

  5. I don't see much evidence of a "great selection," and entries for TV shows are confusing. Arrested Development season 1 is shown as three separate rentals, but season 2 (also a 3-disc set) is only one?

  6. I've tried Intelliflix in December and only received 8 DVDs during that whole month. The service is super slow compared to Netflix and Blockbuster. Not worth the $16.95 I paid.

  7. My name is Eileen and I am with Intelliflix Customer Support.

    We take pride in being able to offer our customers a total package of Movies and Games. Our goal is to provide our customers with the Ultimate Video Store Experience.

    Customer Satisfaction is our #1 PRIORITY.

    I would like the opportunity to make sure this has been your experience.

    Please contact me at with your specific account information (name and E-mail address). This will enable me to review your account and contact you directly.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Eileen

  8. Intelliflix is HORRIBLE. I, along with hundreds, maybe thousands were duped by their low price and Consumer Reports endorsement. Trust me this copmpany has MAJOR problems - just check out the Florida Better Business Bureau and see all of the complaints filed against them. I wish I had done more research on this terrible company.
    STAY AWAY! You will ultimately lose on the deal - both your time and your money.

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