Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy New Year! Spring Festival(春节)节

2006 is the Year of the Dog, which began Sunday, according to the Lunar Chinese Calendar. Since giving gifts in Red Envelopes is customary at this time, why don't you give Netflix?

I ordered a movie from the new Netflix store, and it came in a plastic envelope like this one.

Learn more about the Chinese calendar.


  1. Speaking of Netflix envelopes, do you prefer them to Blockbuster's? I recently signed up for a free one month trial with Blockbuster and have found their envelopes to be much more to my liking. Their overall service isn't as good as Netflix's (they don't have a distribution center in Austin, meaning it's two days shipping versus one for Netflix), but their envelopes are less cumbersome in my opinion.

  2. I do like the Blockbuster Online envelopes better than Netflix's, for ease of opening.

    This was not true a year ago, but lately, BBO's envelopes have been arriving in better shape than Netflix's. It seems as BBO makes theirs more secure, the Netflix envelopes become more flimsy.

  3. Wait I thought you got the case when you bought a movie from them or is it just the artwork?

    I recently received an envelope from the postal service with a flap from a netflix envelope (the part with my shipping info) I have no idea where or when it was from (the ad on the flap had the incredibles on it so it was Old-how random)

  4. Yes, I received the hard case, too. This plastic mailer is fatter than their paper mailers.