Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Region-free DVDs open world of previously unavailable titles

Via the Chicago Tribune
By Joshua Klein
Special to the Tribune

people became aware that amazing films were being released all around the world, and they couldn't access them," says Gervasi. "They knew that they were there--or maybe they didn't--but there were so few companies importing them.

"For the collector, it's problematic to order these titles from each respective country," he notes. "The postage alone is a nightmare. We came from doing that ourselves, just trying to keep up with all of it. We found that if you bring them all into one place, people will come and buy stuff from all around the world."
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Sites featured in the above article are:

Netflix does not yet rent non-region 1 DVDs


  1. Cool article. I belong to Nicheflix as well. I wish Netflix would do other regions though.