Thursday, January 05, 2006

CoolSavings claims Netflix as client is one of those sites that gathers information from unwary visitors using "coupons and deals" as a come-on, then they install spyware on your PC and bombard you with targeted advertising, which they call "offers." They claim Netflix as one of their "clients."

Just because someone claims to do business with Netflix, doesn't mean that Netflix approves of their techniques. They could be an affiliate, like anyone else, only they could be violating Netflix's affiliate agreement, which prohibits the use of spyware. If you believe this is the case with any Netflix affiliate, you should let Netflix know, so they can fire them from the affiliate program.

Just so you know, CoolSavings has changed their name to Q Interactive, although they are still operating as before, according to Crain's Chicago Business. They've also gone private, which means they do not have to disclose certain things about their business practices. Having no stockholders means less accountability.

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