Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What I did in 2005

I saw 454 movies, not including short films or television shows on DVD. 344 of them came from online sources, including Blockbuster Online, Facets, Greencine, Netflix, Nicheflix, and Video Library. The other 110 I saw at the theatre, a friend's house or a film festival, or I borrowed them from a video store or library. Here's a partial breakdown:

BBV 11
BBO 101
Facets 23
Greencine 7
Hollywood Video 8
Netflix 177
Nicheflix 32
Nicheflix a la carte 15
Other 15
Public Library 2
Theatre 53
Video Library 7

The above list excludes film festivals.


  1. ~Standing Ovation~

    Good work.

  2. That's pretty good, but my Netflix-only count was at 160 exactly.

  3. about a movie and a quarter a day, not counting all that other stuff! Wow! I'm impressed. Do you have trouble remembering them all?

  4. Yes, I have to keep detailed lists in order to be sure of what I've seen.

    It's hard to recognize some films by the title alone, unless it's very meaningful, so I have to look at the description to be sure. Then, most of the time, I can recall scenes, characters, plot points, etc.

  5. I think that's how top ten lists are made. Watch a bunch of movies and then write down which ones you remember without looking at your list. Wait, no. Sometimes it's hard to get a really bad movie out of your head.