Thursday, January 12, 2006

the HUB magazine interviews Leslie Kilgore, CMO for Netflix

the HUB magazine interviewed Leslie Kilgore, Chief Marketing Officer for Netflix, about how Netflix only wants to be loved, and it will be loved for its amazing customer service. She says there are lots of other reasons people love Netflix, but the chief reasons are ease and convenience. She also says that folks really value Netflix for their big collection of titles.

When asked about Netflix's involvement in blogging, she says they don't need to have a corporate blog, because if they do good customer service, bloggers will love Netflix and write about them for free. (Where on earth does she get these crazy ideas?!)

No matter how much I love Netflix, I must remember that they want me only for my money, and free word-of-mouth marketing.


  1. I wonder how many companies are making the same assumptions as Netflix. Why do they think that not blogging will increase their popularity more?

  2. What kind of world does she live in? I guess that lawsuit was from customers who love NETFLIX!!!! I guess as long as you only get 4 to 6 movies a month then you will love NETFLIX. Start getting throttled and see how much you love NETFLIX.