Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another viewing milestone: 704 out of 1001

I have seen 704 of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. My goal is to see all of them, but that may be impossible, since there are about 75 titles on the list which are either out of print, never released to home video, or never released to theatres.

When I started my quest, in May 2004, I had seen about 200. Of the 504 I've seen since then, 340 came from Netflix. I now have 219 movies in my Netflix queue, all of which are on the list of 1001. Eight of them are in the saved section, because they are "release date unknown."

I am using the 2002 edition of the book, which is out of print, but you can buy it used, or find the 2004 edition, which has a few different titles on the list.

You can see the list of Films I've Seen of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die on Listology.

The last time I posted a milestone from this book was October 13, so it has taken me four months to see 100 films on the list.


  1. I think it's crazy someone would write a book about movies you MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE, and have over 7% of those movies be impossible to find, even to someone as Uber-Resourceful as Becky.

    Maybe I'll write a book called 50 Places You Must Travel Before You Die and have themhave like 3 of them be distant planets or places that don't exist anymore.

  2. That's a great idea! I think everyone should visit the moon, at least.

  3. Becky I have a question. I just recently lowered my Netflix account to 3 out from 6 out and signed up on Blockbuster for 3 out. Mainly because I get 4 free rentals a month. My Blockbuster is 3 blocks away I can walk there in 3 minutes. Anyways the question. On Blockbuster they have a thing marked 1001 Movies... Is this list legit? I started with the first era and I loaded them all in my queue. Is this list complete or is it missing titles? I would really appreciate any insight you might have. I am going to watch every title and then move onto the next era listed. Cool. Thanks in advance.

  4. It is an excellent list, but I have a couple of notes for you:

    In some cases, when you need to watch only one film, Blockbuster Online links to a "collection", i.e.: WC Fields Collection or the Marx Brothers Collection.

    I've also found that in a couple of cases, they have confused two movies with each other, because they have similar names. For example, they list "The Young Ones," a 1961 film starring Cliff Richard, when they should have La Joven ("The Young One"), a 1960 film by Luis Bunuel.

    Some of the titles on their list do not appear in the 2002 edition I'm using, so I can't be 100% sure it matches the book.

    Good luck with your goal of seeing all 1001 movies!

  5. Do you have a list of the 70 or so that out of print as you say? I'm sure there are ways to see them, the editors did after all, right?

  6. Out of print means not on home video. There are ways to see them, but those ways are very difficult if you do not live in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. Some films are available on home video, but only in other regions of the world. Some films can be seen only at film festivals, revivals, libraries or museums. If you have a 16 mm projector, you can rent some of the films for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    I keep a list of the harder-to-find titles here on Listology.