Thursday, February 02, 2006

USPS experiences service problems in New Mexico

Via New West
Eric Mack says:
With the U.S. Postal Service in disarray across New Mexico, I’m having a really hard time getting my Netflix in a timely fashion and have been forced to seek my entertainment from less likely sources.


  1. I received a disc from Albuquerque distribution center just last week. It arrived in 3 days which is pretty much the norm for west coast DCs. Perhaps interstate mail isn't affected.

  2. Things are amiss with NetFlix! In the last 30 days I've received three damaged disks, never received one disk they say was shipped and returned 1 damaged disk which theyhave neevr received. Is is just New Mexico or is it NetFlix??

  3. I suggest you file a report with the Postmaster General for every lost and damaged disc you experienced. There's definitely a problem with the postal service.

  4. In Chandler, AZ I've had five out of the last fifteen DVD's damaged. Two were broken and the other three were scratched with large sections of the movie unplayable. 33% damaged rate in the last month seemed strange so I just emailed Netflix to see what the deal is. Either I'm unlucky or my mailman hates me...

    Luckily, Netflix does a good job of getting another one out to me quickly. However, one of the replacements, Playmakers, was damaged as bad as the original...