Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Now's a great time to see the Oscar-nominated films

In the month between the Oscar nominations and the Academy Awards show, there is continuous publicity for all nominated films from the studios and press alike, which is great advertising for the DVDs if they're available," Virgin buyer Chris Anstey said. "After the awards ceremony, most of the momentum has already passed. The films that didn't win are suddenly not as relevant to many consumers."

Many people also want to brush up on nominated films before the Oscars are unveiled but don't necessarily want to invest in a purchase.

"When a DVD is available before the Oscars, there is an extra incentive for people to rent them," said Tom Paine, owner of six-store Seattle chain DVD Now. "People want to judge for themselves."

The Academy Awards will be telecast on March 5 on ABC.

Via DVD Exclusive Online

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