Friday, February 03, 2006

Blockbuster offers me more in-store coupons, conditionally

I received an email from Blockbuster Online yesterday, notifying me that if I would only upgrade from my current plan, I could get additional in-store coupons. Instead of the two per month I now receive, I could have one per week. My current plan is the 3-out at $14.99 per month, which is no longer being offered. For only $3 extra, I could get two more in-store rentals per month. Is it worth it?

I don't think so. Even with the two coupons I now receive, I have a hard time using them. I can't stand going to Blockbuster Video. The selection is poor. I have to browse for hours to find something to watch, or bring a list. I return things late every time. Half the time, the coupons are wasted because I forget to use them. I do not want to spend $3 on coupons I'll feel obligated to use.

This is just a tactic to get online subscribers to spend more money for the exact same service.

Disclosure: I am on the 3-out plan with Netflix at $17.99, the 3-out plan with Blockbuster Online at $14.99, and I use Nicheflix a la carte and Video Library.


  1. I am on the 1 out BB plan for 9.99. I got an email from BB yesterday that said I could either have two in-store rentals per month OR have one per week but that if I chose the one per week, they had to be at least one week rentals. That would exclude very new releases. In my case, this is completely worth it because my closest Blockbuster is .5 miles from me and I haven't watched every movie known to man like you. I can see how this wouldn't be a great deal in your case if they wanted you to pay an extra $3. But for me, best of both worlds. I can waste two of the coupons and still come out even.

  2. I forgot to mention that if I chose the 4 in-store rentals per month, it's STILL 9.99.

  3. Sounds like a good deal for you. At least you'll use the coupons. I live in between two Blockbuster Video stores which are each 3 miles away, and not on the way to or from anywhere I usually go. Not terribly inconvenient, but I guess I'm spoiled.

  4. I was quite pleased when I got the email from Blockbuster. I've been expecting them to automatically increase my price to $17.99 in the current billing cycle, whereby I'd most likely switch over to Netflix. Although my wife and kids use the coupons, they're really kind of a hassle. At least there's a shop not *too* far from work.

  5. Hi! I am thinking about changing my Netflix plan from 6 out to 3 out. Then signing up for Blockbuster online. I would have stil the 6 out plus the one a week coupon. I think this is a better deal. Could someone with Blockbuster let me know what the service is like. Also the time. I live on long island ny and i get movies about 2 to 3 days from my house and back to my mailbox. some times 2 days total. So I don't know what there like. Also Rebecca did you win a prize on Blingo. There was a Rebecca M. from NC who won. I figured it was you.

  6. No, that's not me.

    I've had Blockbuster Online for about a year now, and their service is just a tiny bit slower than Netflix, because they ship from Charlotte, NC and Netflix ships from Greensboro, which is where I live.

  7. @beano: I'm also considering doing the 3-at-a-time from both Netflix and BB instead of 6-out Netflix. It seems like a better deal because:

    1) You get the in-store coupons from BB. Whether you use them or not, you don't get that option with Netflix.
    2) It's cheaper (31 instead of 36)
    3) It seems like having two companies pumping out movies to you would be faster for some reason (wider pipe?).
    4) Games

    Actually, I can't think of a reason not to do this.

  8. That's what I'm doing, too. It is working well for me.

  9. i agree all of these things make sense in theory. I am still apprehensive though. I hate Blockbuster. I love Netflix. I am torn. I think I am going to wait until you can return movies to blockbuster retail location. there is one 1/4 of a mile from me. Plus the other problem is that I get movies quick right now. I have Melville, Flushing, and White Plains which are all only a day for me. I don't know where Blockbusters mail center is near me. Does anyone know how I can find this out. I live in New York.

  10. Well Lets see, I tried both Netflix and Blockbuster.

    I had a 1 month trial with both and the result was as follows, not please not that I did this from a frugal point of view, I didn't watch the movies, I simply wanted to see how many I could get in a month.

    Netflix I managed to get 20 movies during the month.

    Blockbuster I managed to get a whooping 37 movies per month.

    I have to say though that Blockbuster has a shipping center in my city and netflix does NOT.