Monday, February 06, 2006

Damaged disc bypasses Netflix subscriber completely

Netflix fan Bullwinkle wrote to me:
I just got an email from Netflix about a disc being damaged in transit. I never received the disc and obviously didnt report it damaged. The best I can figure is that there was a USPS problem and the disc was returned to Netflix. The quoted text from the email is below.

We wanted to let you know that CORPSE BRIDE was damaged in transit. We have reshipped this movie and it should arrive on 03-FEB-06. Please accept our apologies for any invonvenience that this may have caused.

-The Netflix Team

Has this happened to you?

I have never seen that happen before. I thought the USPS delivered whatever was left of it, no matter how badly they mangled it. This one must have been in pretty bad shape.


  1. I ordered "The Best of Uncle Floyd," (What does that tell you about me?) and although it was never sent to me, or returned for that matter, Netflix has sent a 'We've received ...' for it.
    This may be the fastest turnaround ever!

  2. I've also had DVDs ship out one day & be recieved by Netflix the following day, with absoluely no sign of it in my mailbox. This has happened with two, thus far, and I've only been a member of Netflix for aproximately two months. Thankfully, these weren't new releases and I simply added them back into my queue with no ill effect on my intended viewing schedule.

  3. Just a guess, but perhaps while in transit, the top cover which has the customer's address on it becomes torn away, leaving the netflix return address exposed. Then the USPS boomerangs it right back to netflix before it makes it to your mailbox. The dvd contents of the envelope would be unsealed and exposed at that point so if this is in-fact what is happening, and who really knows for sure, it's pretty fortunate that the dvd and the mailer make it back intact to netflix. Just a guess on my part.

    I know this is off-topic for this thread but...
    The dvd of "The Weather Man" is scheduled to be realeased this Tuesday (02/21/2006) and I've had it in my queue for over a month. Earlier this week out of the clear blue, netflix dropped it from my queue back into the "saved" queue where new releases over 30 days away are put, with an "unknown" release date. According to the dvd section of yahoo movies this dvd is still on target for a 02/21/2006 release. Anybody know what gives???

  4. I've seen this happen with other titles. It usually pops back up again with a different release date. My guess is that Netflix lists the titles when they first hear about them, whether or not they have a deal in place for the product. Sometimes the deal doesn't go through or is delayed, so they de-list the movie until they have the right to rent it.

  5. As a follow-up to my previous post about the dvd of "The Weatherman" I e-mailed netflix and here was the response I got back:
    Thanks for your message.

    Our records indicate that the release date for this title may have changed. That is why we moved the movie to the Saved section. In this section, you can add movies with either upcoming DVD release dates or no known DVD release dates.

    Shortly before a title is released, it will be removed from this section and added to the bottom of your Queue. To remove movies from this list, check the Remove boxes to the right of those movies and then click Update Your Queue.

    Please note: DVD release dates are subject to change by the movie studios.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

    Amanda P.,
    Netflix Customer Service .
    Now, as soon as I read this, I logged back in to my netflix account to look up something else and guess what? Now it's back in my regular queue with a 02/21/2006 release date! Exactly the opposite of their reply. Sounds like netflix might've fouled up and corrected it back. Who knows.